Samsung unveils another content managing app named Milk VR to stream 360-degree video to VR headset

South Korean consumer electronics giant has just unveiled its new app which it dubbed as Milk VR on Tuesday. The new app allow the users to download and stream free 360-degree videos to watch using Gear VR headsets.

The caveat, it is restricted only with the company’s Galaxy Note 4 phone but still it is a valuable app since it provides the early adopters valuable things to watch.

The app is built with around a dozen of videos like picturesque road trip, footage captured from air places and many more. There are also video categories which users might opt for such as music, sports, action and among other.

The pleasure and fun doesn’t stop there since Samsung is cinched to steadily provide contents in the coming months.

Samsung hasn’t disclosed other relevant information about the new app like other features it offer, whether the contents are free or not and if contents from the users will be allowed in the Milk VR.

The Gear VR made its debut in the United States as a “Innovator’s Edition” last December 8, 2014 and was priced at $199. It was built for early adopters and developers to evaluate the device, and it is not intended for the consumers. The virtual reality headset which is run by mobile devices was whipped up by the partnership of Facebook’s Oculus VR, the creator of the Oculus Rift (a VR headset especially built for gaming).

Aside from Milk VR Samsung’s already dished out two other apps that are linked with content management. Samsung also has created a video streaming app (Milk Video) and a radio service app (Milk Music).


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