British Heart Foundation: School Children Should Be Taught Life Saving Skills to Reduce the Number of Deaths Due to Cardiac Arrest



If residents of South West have their say, schoolchildren should learn lifesaving techniques while in school. This is according to a recent study by the British Heart Foundation or BHF.

There were over 2,000 people polled by the BHF and 89% of the respondents in South West agreed that secondary school kids should have knowledge about Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a very crucial lifesaving skill.

Less than one out of ten of the more than 30,000 people suffering from cardiac arrest outside of hospitals survive. This is in part because people don’t have the courage to carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Compared to other countries, victims in the UK have a very low chance of survival.

Compared to Norway, where students are taught CPR in schools, the survival rate of people having cardiac arrest is 25%.

To this effect, the BHF is urging locals in the South West to go to their district BHF office and to sign a petition asking the government to teach their children CPR in school

Angie Vidler, Regional Manager of the British Heart Foundation, said: “Lives are lost every day because people do not have the skills to act in a life-threatening situation.

“We believe that every child should leave school knowing how to perform CPR. That’s why we need people to go into their local shop, sign the petition, and help create a nation of lifesavers.

“Children learn many lessons in school but what is more important than knowing how to save a life?”

To sign the petition, residents can go to their local BHF office and asking staff there how to do it. To find your local BHF office go to or call 0800 915 7000.

There’s also a BHF phone app which will teach you the skills required. Vinny Jones, the actor, will assist you. See

You will learn how to perform Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on somebody suffering from cardiac arrest by using hard and fast chest compressions.

You can also practice with the free apps by using the built-in accelerometer hardware found in most smartphones. This is a very useful device which can act as guide for measuring the speed and extent of compressions during practice sessions. It will inform you if you are doing it right.


If you have an Android phone, go to the Android App Market and have it downloaded right away.

Or you can proceed to iTunes App Store to have the apps downloaded to your iPhone.



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