Reminisce the good ole days with the $60K Dodge Hellcat muscle car

The volume sales of the muscle cars has dramatically risen for the past few years and it appears like the good ole days of muscle car fans and enthusiasts will be summoned back to life once again.

The big three companies in the car making industry had vowed that they will continue the legacy of coming up with the sturdy yet fast muscle cars that are beefed up with powerful horsepower engines.

Ford, Dodge, and Chevrolet will try to slug it out in the fierce free-for-all muscle car segment skirmish. The calculating fans, however, are expected to be on sideline waiting to strike for the car with the best value-for-money tag.

Based on volume sales, Chevrolet and Ford registered 80,000 and 75,000 sold units respectively while Dodge checked in at third position with 55,000 sold units. The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the latest entry in the muscle car segment and it is poised to catch up with the current leaders.

Hellcat still sport the same tire rubber as the one that is present on the Chronicle of Dodge. The Hellcat features 707 Hp Hemi engine, making it one of the most powerful muscle cars in the United States for all-time.

The up market Hellcat is provided with a touch-screen user-interface that provides an assortment of settings. Like the Dodge many moons back, the new muscle car promises to be as tough as nails. The vehicle comes with warranty that covers engine-replacement, if ever it blows while traveling on rough roads. Dodge’s earlier variant which is the Challenger is chastised with longer wheelbase, a blessing in disguise since this has paved the way for the existence of the Hellcat.

Hellcat still loaded with the perfect combination of its weight and the size of the wheelbase. Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis has quipped that the most recent member of the vaunted Dodge lineup offers comfort and balance. The car has been receiving nods and accolades from owners, fans and industry experts. This handsome-looking car is priced reasonably at $60,000.


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