Sledgehammer Games rolls out nail-biting Call of Duty ‘One Shot’ Mode and Double XP feature

The eagerly awaiting staunch fans and aficionados of the much-heralded video game “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” are set to get an early New Year gift.

Sledgehammer Games has teamed up with pro-gamer NaDeShot to create a new mode of the game that is well-suited for sniper-rifle and it is now available for players. The One Shot mode has obtained immense nods and positive feedbacks from the players and the industry critics.

The new mode which is dubbed as a One Shot is actually a novelty and it shuns away from the Call of Duty’s comfort zone, which is the run and gun element.

The first-person shooter videogame is very popular for its battle-royale game play and it is now peppered with a new exciting game mode that allow players to hunt or be hunted.  The One Shot mode places players on a nerve-wrecking sudden-death type battles. To make the game even more exciting and adrenaline pumping, the players are only allowed to use the MORS rifle.

The new mode permits the new classes to get equipped with identical MORS bolt action rail gun rifle only, with little difference on the design and some class specific features such as the Scorestreak and the EXO skill. The new mode is beefed up with five new classes: Ace, Irons, Hard Scope, Zoomed and 4X.

The new mode refrains from the usual game played on Call of Duty which let players bring along with them an assortment of weapons and arsenal. The One Shot mode calls for players to carry only a sniper weapon and the use of secondary weapon is not allowed.

The players will start of the game with relatively low health but have the ability to kill their enemies with a lethal one shot from their sniping rifle.

Aside from the highly-acclaimed One Shot mode, Sledgehammer Games has also rolled out the double XP feature to allow players piling up essential experience points even during the holiday season. The feature can be downloaded on PlayStation Now and Xbox Live networks. The double XP feature which is cinched to double the fun will only initiate if players are employing the One Shot mode.


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