Toyota to pull out the cover of the world’s first FCEV – the Hydrogen Lexus LS Limousine in 2017

Japanese car maker behemoth Toyota is purportedly working on its very own Hydrogen Lexus LS limousine and if things will pull into right places the car will make its grand debut in 2017.

Toyota is renowned for rolling out the world’s first hybrid car, which is the Prius in 1997 and from then on the company asserted itself as one of the big players in the hybrid niche and steadily whipped up more hybrid cars including the up market Lexus LS.

Toyota is cinched to make heads turn again in 2015 as it poised to unveil another first of its kind car, which is Mirai, a sleek hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

The Japanese car maker is aiming to sell a yearly average of 400 units, and intends to increase it further to 50,000 units annually.

An Australian vehicle website Motoring has stated that Toyota is mulling about employing the Toyota Fuel Cell System (TFCS) in the Mirai hydrogen sedan and the chic Lexus LS limousine.

According to some speculations the Lexus LS’s nose section may get some extra fix to give enough room for more air intakes and to give rise to better cooling of the hydrogen powered system. The Lexus LS will also have the fuel-cell unit positioned beneath the front seat and two hydrogen tanks placed below the rear seat and parcel shelf.

Toyota also disclosed that it will create more hydrogen cars after launching the Mirai in a span of ten years such as its Corolla and Crown variants.

Toyota’s main rivals in the FCEV segment are not to be outdone as Hyundai, Volkswagen Group and BMW are expected to join the foray in the near future.

For the time being, Toyota Australia has disclosed that it has no intentions of importing or even testing the FCEVs from Japan since there is little demand for hybrid cars in the country.


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