Are Hong Kong Health Officials Better Prepared In Containing the Deadly Bird Flu Now Than in 2013?


It’s confirmed: Bird’s flu strikes again in Hong Kong. This is the first case this winter, according to government sources. The first victim is a 68 year old woman who is in critical condition; she was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. She started getting symptoms last December, 19 according to information which was released by the Hong Kong government last Saturday.

The government is trying to track down friends of the woman who may have been exposed to the virus, the source of which has not been determined.

It was, however, later established that the woman traveled to the Longgang district of Shenzhen in mainland China. It was there in March 2013 that the first human victim was first reported to have been diagnosed with the lethal H7N9 strain.

The government is now trying to know the whereabouts of the woman’s companions who may have been exposed to the deadly flu virus. The source of the virus is still undetermined. There is an ongoing investigation to trace its origin.

According to the World Health Organization, it was in mainland China where the first ever human victim was infected by H7N9 strain. The virus then found its way to Hong Kong where it ultimately claimed three lives.

There was nobody in Hong Kong’s Health and Food and Environmental Health Departments to give any comments concerning this latest development.

There are better preparations in place right now to address the influenza by Hong Kong Hospitals. One of the measures is shortened hospital visiting hours. This was implemented after the government began raising the influenza call level to ‘serious,’ in a press release last Saturday.

The government is not taking any chances and would like to avoid what happened last 2013. Although the disease didn’t originated from Hong Kong, they suffered fatalities which shows how unprepared they were to deal with the H7N9 strain.




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