England’s Health Officials: Curb Your Drinking Habits or Suffer From Dementia Later in Life.


Dementia may get you later in life if you don’t curb your drinking habit, according to many studies which connect the two. Professor Alistair Burns, England’s number one dementia expert and other public health officials are of the agreement that consuming too much alcoholic drink will make you a more likely candidate of dementia.


Dr. Burns suggests you make it a part of your New Year’s resolution to slow down on your drinking to avoid acquiring the disease.


Prof Burns explained: “The New Year is the perfect chance for us all to consider our lifestyles and think if there is anything we can improve or change to increase our healthiness – both physical and mental.

“While stopping drinking altogether isn’t a reality for many people, cutting down can make a huge difference.

“However, it can be very easy for one glass to lead to two and then to a bottle and this can seriously increase your risk of developing dementia in later life along with many other health conditions.”

The NHS suggests, this is in one of their guidelines, that alcoholic drinks should not be consumed by more than two bottles of beer or not more than 3 small glasses of wine a day.

At present, 683,000 individuals in England are reported to have dementia while 375,000 are diagnosed to suffer from it. The number of people falling victim to it have been increasing every year, along with the number of deaths it causes, according to researches.


Both the prime minister of England David Cameron and the NHS vowed to work together to ensure that two thirds of those afflicted with dementia have their full support in terms of having a diagnosis and diagnostic support next year. The program falls short of the total number of those who need the services. Around 80,000 have to wait.





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