Parents Are Adviced To Stay Vigil To Prevent Choking Hazard In Children Playing With Loom Bands

Children have a habit od putting everything in their mouths. Hazards of this habit are vast and may prove to be fatal if tiny objects get stuck in the air passage. Over time the doctors in the emergency department have seen from nuts and coins to toys.

This year there has been an increase in loom bands. This is a new craze which every kid has taken up. Although doctors are competent enough to remove objects like these, they prefer the prevention over intervention, since these little objects can cause severe issues in the respiratory system and can lead to death through asphyxia.

“Often foreign bodies are removed with little more than distress to the child, however, in the worst case scenario, they can lead to blocked airways, cardiorespiratory arrest and death,” says Dr Iain Bohler, who is a surgical registrar who presented the report.

Bohler does not advice parents against getting their children loom bands which brings out creativity in children, rather, his advice for them is that they take good care around children and provide them a little insight on the possible harm if they are to swallow stuff. Recently, most of the children who came to the emergency department had the colourful rubber band lodged deep in their nose.

“I would however stress with utmost sincerity, the need for parental vigilance in supervising young children playing with loom bands, or any other toy or item with small parts.”

He recalled that two children had come to the emergency department with the s-shaped hooks, which are provided with the loom band kit, lodged deep in their noses and the their failed attempts at trying to get the piece out had lodged it even deeper within their nasal cavity. One of the children ended up choking on it which later he thankfully swallowed while the other child had to get prompt intervention to get his piece out of his nasal passage.

“Should any parents be remotely concerned their child has swallowed or inhaled any object, they must contact emergency services immediately,” he advised.


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