Kodak enters smartphone niche, will unveil an Android smartphone at the CES 2015

Another brave and mighty company will enter the already stiff smartphone battleground as Kodak has set its sight on unveiling its first ever smartphone in the highly anticipated CES 2015.

Kodak has just announced that its smartphone which runs Google’s Android mobile operating system will make its debut in the upcoming 2015 International CES which is slated to unfurl on January 6 to 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A household name in terms of photo imaging and cameras, it will be interesting to see how Kodak will hold its own against fancied rivals like Apple, Samsung, LG and among others in the relatively tough yet lucrative smartphone segment.

The company is expected to pounce on its expertise on digital cameras and people’s fondness for taking images with their handsets. Millions of people from four corners of the world employ their phones to take an assortment of pictures with their mobile phones since they are always with them and It is also easy to share images with family members, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Kodak will inevitably be pitted with Apple’s flagship phones (iPhone 6/6 Plus) which are known for being simple and compact.

Kodak stated on a press release that the company will not sacrifice design and user experience while it augments the printing and sharing capabilities of the its smartphone.

The still nameless smartphone will be beefed up a with sophisticated remote management software that will assist users to get help and support. This feature is somewhat similar to Amazon’s Mayday service which is built for the Fire Phone. Kodak has just provided a notion that it is aiming at the common people and not the hardcore smartphone fans.

Kodak is also keen on launching tablets in the  near future as well.


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