Tesla teaser says its Roadster will have a 400-mile range

Emerging car manufacturer Tesla has just made an announcement about its very own Roadster. The newly fangled green car is tipped to have a range of 400 miles which is almost twice better than its precursor.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk will finally divulge the details of the Roadster on December 26 as a form of late Christmas gifts to the company’s eagerly awaiting staunch fans and aficionados. The unveiling of the car is almost 100% certain.

The first version of the Roadster which hits the road from 2008 to 2012 has registered an EPA range of 244 miles on a single charge. The new model of the Roadster, however, is teased to achieve 400 miles range. This will imply that the car will not need to charge often and at the same time capable of making long trips. The new Roadster’s speculated range is also cinched to outclass the 265 mile range of its own sophisticated Tesla Model S, jiving well with earlier speculations that the new car will outlast the company’s main EV model.

In speaking of Model S, the new battery pack for this variant will not come out soon, but the analysts in the industry speculate that it will materialize in the near future. The company is perhaps waiting for the completion of its immense battery factory. Once done the factory will be operated by the partnership of Tesla and Panasonic.

The Roadster update will be unraveled during a shareholder meeting which is slated today December 26.

The announcement could have been whipped up at an earlier date no thanks to some kinks within the company. But still, the company has ample time to showcase its latest car model and start 2015 in grand fashion.


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