Iconic Miami Vice Ferrari fetched at a whopping price of US$1.75 million

If you want to be part of TV broadcasting history, you may settle for the epic all-white 1986 Ferrari Testarossa which had been driven by legendary TV policemen but comes with a hefty price.

The classic yet iconic car which was maneuvered by “Sonny” Crockett and Ricardo “Rico” Tubbs in the highly popular 80’s TV series Miami Vice and it is fetched at a whopping US$1.75 million by a south Florida pawn and auto loan company Auto Pawn Plus. According to Auto Pawn Plus owner Peter Lima the company has managed to obtain the car from the producer of the TV series, one of Universal Studios’ segments, in 1991.

Lima said that the car has been kept in a garage for almost three decades. Lima added that the car had traveled 25,750 km and sports a built-in Motorola phone which was utilized in the show.

The TV series was aired by NBC between 1984 to 1989 and used several other luxury fast cars including a prototype of the Ferrari Testarossa to compensate the breathtaking and enthralling landscape of Miami. Nonetheless, Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari found out that the show was employing a prototype and he had asked Universal Studio to settle of the genuine cars.

The series producers purchased a couple of 12-cylinder Testarossas that were shortly repainted with white.

The other car is possessed by a collector from south Florida who has put it on display in a flea market.

Lima quipped that if there is no buyer will surface out during the online sale the car will be placed on an up market auction, where the car will is expected to get more.

Ferrari hasn’t confirmed the authenticity of the car.


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