Facebook forges partnership with NFL, plan to share the revenues from Verizon’s ads

Social network giant Facebook dished out another stellar moves as it has just forged a promising and juicy partnership with National Football League (NFL) the biggest sporting league in the nation.

The league will start posting short video clips on the social-networking service on Tuesday. The brief video may showcase the recent scintillating catch by receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants along with slew of NFL news and fantasy-football advices.

The video clips will be followed shortly by Verizon Wireless ads. The Verizon Communications Inc. segment is expected to shell out handsome payment  to endorse the clips to Facebook news feeds of NFL’s staunch fans.

Facebook and the NFL intend to share the revenue that will be generated by the ads, though specific financial terms which weren’t disclosed as of this moment. Facebook also plans to seek other sponsors in the days to come.

This groundbreaking development is boon for both sides, as the NFL regular season is set to unfurl soon and people are upbeat about which teams will clinch the elusive playoff berths.

The forged tie up is an indication that Facebook is bullish in becoming a force to reckon with in the Web video niche and had just whipped up a novelty move of extracting juicy revenues through ads.

Facebook is seemed to be very lucky with its new found fortunes as NFL always plays hard to get and very protective of its possessions.  The league is known for being too cautious on its contents as it prohibit its contents to run amok in various social media platforms and in fact doesn’t own an official channel in the very popular video-streaming site YouTube.


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