[Video] Quick moving Lamborghini does a Fast and Furious move, zig zags his way out on Highway 99

A driver of Lamborghini had attempted overtake another car while moving at fast speed, but his gallant effort was not enough as he loses control and ended up spinning out on  British Columbia Highway.

The very brief action was captured by a dash camera of a trailing car, when the speeding Lamborghini bursts out into scene, and followed shortly by a Dodge Viper. Surrey RCMP says that the 27 years old driver of the car and his 19 years old passenger were both safe and unscathed, but looked to be stunned with the accident.

According to CBC News in Vancouver the two Edmonton natives were seen standing outside the wrecked car when emergency teams arrived.

The Lamborgini is estimated to carry a hefty price of $240,000. The driver is obliged to replace the car and at the same time meted out with several hundred dollars fine for violating few traffic rules.

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