Google updates developer guidelines now prohibit user testimonials on apps’ product descriptions on Google Play

Are you searching for the best apps on different niches such as photography, travel, productivity, game and among others in the app store? You could have searched for it without knowing it and the culprit, is perhaps the convoluted search results.

Developers had discovered ways to pounce on the user reviews that goes along with the app’s description and Google is certainly not amused with this.

Google has just updated its developer guidelines to ensure that developers will not resort to using an assortment of testimonials of the users to lure potential buyers. Now gone are days where user testimonials may hide in misleading key phrases such as “Best photography app of 2014,” or “The greatest app for the festive season” and the likes.

The developers are certainly making the most of their resources as they would like to mirror the users’ experience while using various apps but their gallant efforts could give rise to saturated and congested search results.

The Google’s updated guideline comes with a phrase that reads, “Please do not include user testimonials in your app description.”

Exploiting the popular search terms to fight toe and nail competitors is a clear violation of the policies whipped up by Google. Leave apps give justice to their relevance and value through Play’s comment review system.


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