Survey Says: Apple Watch slowly losing steam no thanks to lack of reveals and long release gap

A staunch analyst that concentrates on Apple products has just given a hint that potential Apple Watch buyers may dramatically lose their craving for the wrist-worn device when the still not yet announced release date will be extended.

According to handful of sources in the industry like Apple’s very own retail SVP Angela Ahrendts, the wearable device may probably be rolled out on spring of the near year (one and half year after the device has been unveiled).  The release date was too long and measly 7% of the respondents surveyed by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster intend to procure the device the moment it debuts in the market.  This implies that consumers may lose their eagerness on buying the device, a stratagem which is unlikely for a company which piled up series of successes this year.

Munster had surveyed 968 Americans with iPhones and also had whipped up the same surveys last September 2014 and September 2013.  The recent rating of 7% is down from the 8% rating that was registered last September 2014 and 10% rating that was posted last September 2013 (where people were anticipating for the release of the iWatch).

Munster also added that 34% of the polled 386 iPhone 6 and/or iPhone 6 Plus owners were interviewed about the upcoming release date of the wearable device stated  that they are interested in the Apple Watch.

The seasoned analyst has made a forecast too that the device will be rolled out in the second quarter of the near year (between April and June) and he noticed that the declining interest could have been attributed to the insufficient info. He also had made predictions that the details and revelations will be whipped out when the wearable device’s release draws near.


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