Google enters the song lyrics niche, casts fear on its rivals

Search engine giant Google attempts to broaden its market portfolio anew as it plunges into another uncharted territory which is publishing lyrics on the web. The entry of Google into this new niche offers promising potentials and revenues but will have its hands full against established song lyric websites such as Genius, Metro and AZLyrics.

Google is expected to go deep with its expertise in search engines to turn the tide on its favor and it is tipped to give online users song lyrics they are looking for with pinpoint accuracy.

As of this moment Google is on the verge of cataloging song lyrics but is expected not to offer features like making comments or providing song meanings.

The entry of the Google in the song lyrics market is certainly not good news to its rivals since its Chrome is the kingpin with regards to searching for keywords, key phrases, lyrics and the list goes on. Sony has felt the pressure as its lyric services are expected to plummet in the search results.

Search engine plays a big role in song lyric sites’ mammoth online visitors and the entry of Google will inevitably hurt its competitors especially those who doesn’t have robust community.

The c stated to the Business Insider his company is elated with Google’s new found interest in entering the song lyrics in the Internet and added that Genius is keen on collaborating with Google to come up with best song lyric experience on the web.

Genius still hasn’t felt the brunt of Google’s might but once the company might experience a decline in the number of visitors, there is a strong chance that song lyric sites will not be keen on collaborating with each other.

Genius is a force to reckon with in the industry as it flaunts a strong community in various song genres. Moreover, it also offers meanings to their songs.

Google is expected to make its presence felt in the song lyrics niche, as it has the power on putting answers at the top of search results instead of suggesting different websites. This stratagem is expected to put other blogs, services and sites at bay once Google provide its own answers ahead of the anybody else.


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