A Stanford-Inspired Research Glove That Will Allow Users To Climb Glass Walls, Rocks and Grab Things In Outer Space

Watch out Spider man, a better version of your wall climbing capabilities have just been invented by the students of Stanford University! The device will make it possible for humans to climb glass walls like a gecko and, probably because of copyright reasons, are called “gecko gloves”. The researchers were able to imitate how the world’s foremost climber does what it does best.

The research team got the idea of using paddles as a base. Elliot Hawkes, a member of the team explained that it is crucial that the device can be controlled easily, and what better way than by using a glove? It sticks like a tape and it works how the person wearing it wants it to. Hawkes continued that climbing with the paddles is something like magic. The user may think it won’t work, but it really will.

While the patents are still pending for the “gecko gloves”, the researchers are already making arrangements for its production with some toy makers. It will hit the market any time soon. There’s no mention, however, if it’s going to be available this holiday season.

There’s ongoing negotiations with an unnamed Swiss entrepreneur this coming January to this effect. Another possibility is using the gloves in outer space for grabbing things. This is being discussed with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

Mark Cutkowsky, a member of the mechanical engineering faculty and a researcher of the research team, said, “It turns out that gecko-inspired adhesives are one of the very few technologies that will work in space, where you’ve got a vacuum and very low temperatures”.

“While talking about NASA’s decision to use the gloves, Cutkowsky said the gecko-inspired adhesives are among the few technologies that will be in space where temperature is very low. The paddles will be very helpful for the space agency”, Cutkowsky added.



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