Welcome Home: Volunteer Nurse was Released from DC Hospital to Spend Holidays with Family


Christmas came early for this American nurse who was admitted to a DC hospital after volunteering to help in Sierra Leone. The West African country is now suffering the worst Ebola outbreak to ever hit the world. The latest number of deaths recorded is now over 7,000 with majority in Sierra Leone.

There was no evidence of any Ebola infection, but procedure demanded that the unidentified nurse undergo 21 days of checkups at an undisclosed private residence somewhere in Virginia under the supervision of the Virginia state health department.

The quarantine procedure is a standard practice imposed by the country for people who are exposed to Ebola, but this does not mean that the person was infected by the disease; it is nothing more than just a precautionary measure.

The worsening situation in the 3 West African nations, Liberia, Guinea, and most especially Sierra Leone, has necessitated a call for additional foreign workers to help battle the infection. The present number of health workers in the countries mentioned is not enough and they are stretched beyond their limits. Many came to help. However, these volunteers seem to be receiving unfavorable treatment from their own people for helping others.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is now touring several West African nations to take a personal look at the conditions there. He pledged support from the UN and friends to help stem the tide of the disease and has called for respect for these volunteers for the difficult task they have been doing.

The nurse was brought to the Bethesda facility on Dec. 11, one of the places where returning volunteers are screened. The nurse was brought home from abroad in full isolation and, after arrival, was interned   to the NIH Clinical Center.

The facility has released information via email that the patient is free from any infection with both clinical and laboratory tests coming up negative.



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