Facebook’s popularity among teenagers this year down by 6%

According to Statistica.com active Facebook users from 2008 up to the third quarter of 2014, will show that social media giant had currently has 1.35 billion monthly active users on its fold. Moreover, Facebook which is a haven for meeting contacts through chatting and messaging, gaming, wide-range of apps and shareable contents (videos clips, images and even documents) served as a portal for 1.12 billion mobile mobile media access units.


Surprisingly Facebook popularity among the teenagers had plummeted dramatically this year according to the survey whipped up market research company Frank N. Magid Associates.


The survey revealed that 88% of teenagers are using Facebook this year which is 6% less than the 94% popularity rating it had posted last year. Two years ago the social network posted an impressive 95% popularity rating.


Except for the teenagers’ bracket, Facebook had registered an overall rating of 90% in all other age groups combined.


The culprit of the Facebook’s skidding popularity among the teenagers is the switchovers to its latest acquisition which is the Instagram.


Of the individuals that were surveyed, 16% had said that Facebook was both trendy and informative and 18% had said that getting glued with Facebook had provided them fun.


In addition, 9% of the respondents had said that the social network is safe and trustworthy.

Other social networks that had scored well in the survey are Snapchat (18%t), Apple’s iMessage (17%) and WhatsApp and Google Hangouts which posted an identical 9%.

The respondents in the survey were comprised of 1,934 individuals with smartphones.


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