Samsung Galaxy S6: Speculations, rumors, variants, looks and more

An Italian site, Samsung HD Blog, reported that the next edition of the Samsung Galaxy S phone, which is the S6, will be clad with a curved design and will be housed in a chic aluminum chassis. The new look and feel of the S6 will be the first for the Galaxy S series, which has a body form that is made from plastic.

It is speculated that S6 will come with a delicate curve instead of the rough curve that is present on the Galaxy Note Edge. The Edge handset has received complaints from various users that it is difficult to have a grip on.

The Galaxy S6 is also rumored to be available in two flavors: the first one which is peppered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and the other which is equipped with an Exynos 7 chip.

Samsung has the habit of rolling out two models of the same device in the past. One is designed for the American users while the other is whipped up for the non-American users.

The report also has stated that the S6 will neither have a ‘normal’ nor ‘edge’ version.


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