Babies to be created from 3 people

The UK government has announced the rule for producing babies that contain material from three people. however only two would be named as parents.

This fertility procedure involves using genetic material other than from just mother and father. A donor would be donating the genetic material in order to prevent different fatal diseases. UK wants to be the first country where this procedure would be legal till next year. Critics say that this is very unethical to make babies out of DNA from three different people.

According to the UK scientist, by legalizing this procedure they would be helping many couples.

Mitochondria is transferred from the mother to the baby. It is the power house of this cell  and it provides  energy to every cell present in our body. There are certain mitochondrial diseases that are transferred to the baby because of defective mitochondria from the mother.

Many couples have lost many children due to this defect. Babies with defective mitochondria don’t survive long enough. Therefore, the idea behind the procedure is that the defected mitochondria is taken out and the donor’s error free mitochondria is placed on its place. This would result in the baby containing DNA from three different people.

According to the UK government, there are certain rules that would be put forward to the Parliament. According to the regulations, the woman who is donating her egg to the child should not be the child’s relative. Licence should be offered to the clinic for this fertility technique. Any risk of serious disease should be assessed for each and every case.The baby who has received the mitochondria of the donor should have no right to get donor’s information.

Many parents are looking forward to this technique because they do not want their other children to suffer as their defective baby. According to Doctor David King,this procedure is very advanced medicine and he termed this an unnecessary procedure.  He also said that by doing this procedure the medical researchers would be crossing ethical limits.

If this procedure is legalized then it would be a great breakthrough in medicine.


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