Quantum Physics Is Making Itself Known to Us by Helping Prevent Identity Fraud


Researchers may have found
another useful application for Quantum physics that will help solve problems
concerning passport, credit card, and identity theft. It is referred to by the
researchers in the Netherlands as quantum-secure authentication (QSA).

For moreinformation, look towards the recently published issue of Optica where you can read about the idea behind the technology and how it works

The new form of security will
use nanoparticle strips with laser light to make the card ready to use. Their
assertion is that their card hack proof now and in the future and in any place on
the planet.

They explained in detail on
how the light reacts in the quantum state, how the photons will behave, and the
things in the card’s nanoparticle strip. It is a very thin coat of paint
comprising of millions of particles

When the laser sweeps the
strip, the photons will react by hitting the light particles, bouncing between them.
The banks will determine what pattern of lights to use. The transaction will
only be honored by the bank if the correct pattern is formed.

Dr. Pepijn Pinkse, the
study’s lead author, described the system as “like dropping 10 bowling
balls onto the ground and creating 200 separate impacts”.

That’s how secure the system is. It will definitely help protect your passport, credit cards and prevent identity fraud.

This technology has been long overdue and hopefully it will work as advertised.

The researchers are quite confident
that their discovery will have a wide range of applications which will include
providing security to buildings and vehicles.

The card reading equipment
which, will house the laser light dispenser, will be exactly the same as what
is being used in CD players all over the world. It contains an image sensor and
the chip responsible for tracing the image.




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