Tag Heuer mulls over unveiling a smartwatch brand to rival Apple’s wearable device

Swiss watch maker company Tag Heuer is bullish on its intention of coming up with a smartwatch to contend toe-and-nail with Apple Watch and other vaunted wrist-worn devices available in the market. In order to join the foray Tag Heuer might resort to whipping up an acquisition to realize its plan says the company’s chief Jean-Claude Bivers.

Tag Heuer which is the largest brand in luxury goods group LVMH’s watch lineup had earlier stated that it is not threatened with the influx of smartwatches in the market, but the tide has changed dramatically as LVMH watch head Bivers quips that the company will plunge into the smartwatch niche after all.

Biver has already laid out its grand plan on producing the company’s very own smartwatch by virtue of forging partnerships and even securing acquisitions to come up with the high-end wrist-worn wearable device in the near future.

Tag Heuer’s longtime rivals are also mulling over entering competition even as its arch-rival and currently the biggest watchmaker in the world Swatch Group had already disclosed in August that it is planning to unveil its smartwatch next year.

Biver who also serves as Tag Heuer’s interim chief executive said at its headquarters at La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland that the company has started on the project four months ago. He added that the company had already struck a handful of partnerships and is thinking over making purchases.

It is not yet confirmed whether Tag Heuer had obtained partnerships deals with high profile companies such as Google and Intel.

But according to earlier reports the Swiss company intends to come up with a wearable device that is clad with an Intel microprocessor-driven design and capable of whipping up mechanical action complemented with electronic sensors that are built to monitor essential parameters such as burnt calories, heart rate and the list goes on.

There are speculations circulating in the web that the Tag Heuer’s first ever smartwatch will be named as Tsunami.


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