New Google Drive apps update on Android and iOS gets added boost

Google has released the new Google Drive features on its Gmail, along with the updates on Android and iOS platforms. The Gmail attachment support is now live online, the same with the iOS app update which is now available on Apple’s App Store.

Now users can share their files in Google Drive through Gmail as attachments for added flexibility and convenience not with links anymore. When the users opt for “Insert as Attachment” button from the Google Drive, they can be able to affix non-Google files with their Gmail message right away.

This implies that the users need not worry about unintentionally taking out contact’s access to share files. If a user had accidentally removed a file from the Google Drive, the contacts where the file had been shared will remain intact and accessible.

The Google app on Android platform also gets a shot in the arm as it is now beefed up with voice search for Google Drive, a feature which is a perfect fit for those who are blind or lazy to encode. To initiate the voice search, a user will just utter the phrase “OK, Google — search for [keyword you would like to search] on Drive.”

A user is needed to open the app, hit the search icon and opt for the microphone icon. This is feature is indeed an awesome addition since it will help a user save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

On the other end, iOS app now allows the users to upload their files to the Google Drive from other applications, but this feature is restricted to iOS 8 only. Google would not mind if a user is employing a handset device that runs the iOS, but still, the technology giant would be glad is a user will store files on its massive cloud storage.

And last but definitely not the least, both the Android and iOS apps now allow users to get into and share custom maps they make with Google My Maps. This feature is not a groundbreaking but it implies that Google yearns for incorporating all of its services.


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