True to its words Google News bid goodbye to Spain

Google has just stopped its Google News service in Spain today. Google was compelled to withdraw its news service in the country because of the existence of the new law that obliged search engine service owners to pay publishers for their news articles.

This is no longer a surprising move by Google as it had announced a week ago that it will cut its service in Spain.

So also, the company has just posted this day a notice on Google News Spanish site stating the service had already gone kaput. The Google added that the company is very sad with the development, but due to some amendments in the Spanish law, the search giant had removed Spanish publishers from Google News and will shutdown Google News in Spain.

The changes in the Spanish law will be effective on January 1, 2015 and it requires that search engine owners should pay publishers for the right to show snippets of text from stories and headlines. The law was enacted even though there are wide-ranging apprehensions from publishers across Europe that Google is a potent force to reckon with.

Google has stated that the news service yields no revenues since it doesn’t show any advertisements/ads on the site. Per se, Google quipped that running the news service in Spain is not viable.


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