T-Mobile to launch Un-carrier 8.0 movement to level battlefield on its favor

The wireless carriers in the US continues to pull off any sorts of rabbits from their hats just to get an edge on their stiff battle from coming up with double data promotions to providing huge discounts on new purchase of smartphones to reduced price on family plans. The wireless carriers seemed relentless in providing anything worthy and enticing on the eyes of their delightful consumers.

T-Mobile made sure that it is armed to the teeth while joining in the free-for-all melee. T-Mobile CEO is upbeat about the current competition and signified its intention of going into an all-out war with its rivals in the industry with the launching of its Un-carrier movement few hours from now. T-Mobile will finally pull the cover of its Un-carrier 8.0 initiative which is expected to give the two biggest wireless carriers in the United States – Verizon Wireless and AT&T – a run for their money.

The live webcast will be graced by David Pogue of Yahoo Tech and will start at 10:30 am EST. Legere will be there to spill the beans, help T-Mobile hug the limelight and will answers questions live.

The Un-carrier 7.0 was earlier unveiled two months ago, is expected to be lavished with features uch as Wi-Fi calling, free T-Mobile Personal CellSpot for Simple Choice customers, and partnership with Gogo to provide its consumers unlimited texts, pictures messages, and even visual voicemail in-flight.


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