Apple puts into limelight its iPad Mini with its new TV ad titled “The Song”

It looks like 2014 is a banner year for technology giant Apple as its flagship phones posted record-breaking sales and its other vaunted products also performed remarkably well. The Cupertino-based company would like to ride on the crest of its success further and will do what it takes to sustain the momentum it has built for the past several months.

With the festive season nearing its peak in the coming days Apple has whipped up another startling move by coming up with a heartwarming ad which is curtailed to make the tech-savvy folks break the bank even more.

The Apple’s brilliant TV advertisement named simply as “The Song,” which is thrice longer than the average ad bring into limelight a girl who discovered a vinyl record that her grandma had given her way back in 1952. The record contains her grandmother’s interpretation of the heartrending song’ Love is Here to Stay.’ The song comes with the grandmother’s message that she is sorry that she cannot be with her husband during the festive season.

Alas, the girl records the original rendition into digital form, spicing it up further with her accompaniment on guitar and music to the ears vocals. The girl wittingly left her iPad Mini with the enhanced rendition playing as her grandmother hears with utmost attention, reminiscing the good ole times of the yesteryears.

Last year, Apple had dished out a holiday ad which is titled Misunderstood, which revolved around a young lad who made a notion that he is detached from a family gathering. The young man in fact recorded the moments while he is disengaged and how sad he has been being alone, and eventually shares his recording with his family.

The two TV ads showcased how technology can play significant roles in making people excessively happy while pouncing on the soft side of being humans. These novelty moves of Apple which boosted its stock further then reverberated into the other companies as they were compelled to make heartbreaking ads as well.


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