More Than a Quarter of A Million Tons of Plastic Trash Is Contaminating the Oceans of the Planet


Our oceans are no longer the safe place they used to be for aquatic animals. A just concluded research revealed that the oceans in our planet are home to 5 trillion particles, 270000 tons of which are plastics. There have been several scientific studies to verify this research and they are all in agreement that the plastics are a source of untold problems for the sea itself and to the creatures who can’t survive in dry areas. Efforts are now underway to salvage the situation. Officials are leading a drive to relieve the ocean of these plastic menaces in order to save the seas and the creatures that populate them. The plan is to give them a brighter future.

Despite those numbers, researchers believe their estimates were very conservative. According to them, there is even more plastic in the ocean. They arrived at their estimates by collecting plastics using nets then estimated the amounts of plastic too large for their nets.  The research was done for six years with 24 trips and water samples from the North Pacific, the South Pacific, the South Atlantic, and the Indian oceans.

There has been a long standing agreement among scientists about the huge presence of non-submersible garbage responsible for contaminating the water, poisoning sea animals and ultimately killing them. The great Pacific garbage patch is found in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a huge accumulation of plastic and garbage and nothing else.

Dianna Parker of the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration Marine Debris Program says: “A lot of people hear the word patch and they immediately think of almost like a blanket of trash that can easily be scooped up, but actually these areas are always moving and changing with the currents, and it’s mostly these tiny plastics that you can’t immediately see with the naked eye.”



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