Liquid Nicotine Kills One Year Old

On Tuesday, a one year old boy was found unresponsive after ingestion of liquid nicotine. The police attended the call and paramedics tried all.

The substance is lethal and a tea spoon may harm or even kill a child. This extremely sad event is a reminder of the lethal substances the product contains.

It is sold in attractive wrappings that kids mostly likely are pulled toward and ironically in a packaging that is extremely unsafe for them. The product is nothing more but a poison. This supplement to e-cigarettes is also illegally sold to adolescents.

American Association of Pediatrics believe it is the marketing of the product that appeals to children as it is sold in bright and colorful packets with candy and fruit flavors. The packaging is also not legally required to meet with the child proof standards parents and pediatricians need to keep drug safe from children and vice versa.

According to the director of National Communication for the Campaign of Tobacco Free Kids the New York State Senate banned the sale of liquid nicotine but the ban did not apply to the in-state manufacturers. It is also found that the labelling of the content is incorrect when compared to the actually amount present in one bottle. It may have mentioned 20 mg and may contain 30mg.

American Association of Poison Control Centers has received 3,638 e-cigarette devices and liquid nicotine exposure related reports through Nov, 2014. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention published a report which mentions the cases of exposure to have skyrocketed from 1 case in September 2010 to 215 in February 2014.

The bill which was passed in the legislature of the State of New York in June about liquid nicotine being sold in a child proof packaging has not yet met Gov. Andrew Cuomo. At the federal level, The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2014 was introduced in July which required the packaging on liquid nicotine to be child safe. The American Association of Pediatrics has urged legislators to take immediate action on it.

The FDA has not started regulating the substance yet. It is high time it should.





  1. Rik says

    While you presented valid arguments for regulation of e-liquid, we cant place blame solely on the makers. it is the responsibility of the parents to lock up any and all potentially lethal substances so children and pets cannot get to them. As for regulations, child safety caps, like found on Tylenol for example, should be standard across the board. Most e-liquid manufacturers use such caps already, ahead of potential regulations (along with warnings labels). I myself use them, and have no children or pets in my house.

  2. Bobo Phet says

    4 children die in 11 years. Ban it! Regulate it! Oh the horror!!! How many cases of fatal lung cancer have been prevented? How many chilrenz we’re killed last year on an unregulated skateboard, bicycle, or couch?

    Yes, tragic. But the overreaction is silly. The liquid doesn’t TASTE like bubblegum!!!

  3. Jeff Kilroy says

    Please present facts not fiction, the child ingested pure nicotine. The juices sold usually only carry small percentages of nicotine 0.3mg, 0.6mg. And pure nicotine does not smell or taste like bubble gum. This is typical scare tactics from the media to sensationalize an issue for attention to there parent company.

  4. Nate Pickering says

    Meanwhile, the FDA-approved smoking cessation drug Chantix has been linked to over 500 suicides, but your government still officially regards it as “safe and effective.” Where’s the outrage over that?

  5. ARusso says

    This “story” (it reads more like an opinion column) needs context. How many children have died in the past year from accidentally ingesting household cleaners and other chemicals, or prescription drugs left unattended? Please answer. Perhaps anything that could cause harm should be banned from the home. Remove all paint, motor oil, dishwasher detergent, shampoo, fabric softener, bug killer, and so on. Maybe then we will all be safe. Or maybe we just need the responsible adults in the home to properly store this stuff! What a novel concept!

  6. Delores Kirkwood, R.N. retired says

    NICOTINE IS A CONCENTRATED POISON. How does a person get it? It should be by prescription only from a Pharmacist who explains the risks and how to store it. An eye dropper bottle? It should be in an sealed bottle that requires a syringe to extract it like one does with insulin.

    This is a tragic news article and one that should have been foreseen by the FDA approved eCigarettes. To the FDA : RECALL and REDO !

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