Risky Men and Idiocy

Men have long been known to be more adventurous and bigger risk takers than women based on hospital emergency admissions, mortality and documented risk taking behavior in general.

Studies have long confirmed that men are at risk than women, whether it is accidental injuries, sporting injuring or meeting with a traffic accident resulting in higher death tolls.

These risks which may or may not be due to social, cultural reasons for men to seek adventures or meet accidents are one story the other is meeting with outcomes of senseless risks. It is called as the “idiotic risk”. These risks carry no apparent payoff and end with extreme results. The most obvious of the conclusions would be that men do stupid things because they are idiots.

There has not been a proper systematic analysis of this idiotic behavior of men, but study has been conducted which takes the data for this from the winners of the Darwin Awards. This award is in recognition of the pointless and idiotic acts performed by people from among us who have destroyed themselves to death in the pursuit, all thanks to poor risk assessment skills.

It is no coincident that 88.7% of the winners were male.

Over the last 20 years of the Darwin award winners were analysed by the team of the research conducted by a 15 years old Ben Alexander Daniel Lendrem with his father, Denis Lendrem.

Individual cases were verified by the study and awards that were shared by men and women who were overly adventurous were not included. This left a total of 318 awards out of which 282 were given to men and 36 to women. Studies suggest that the difference of this between the genders is not by chance, it signifies that men are more prone to idiotic risk behavior.

The kind of behavior that merits the award include idiots like a person who sent a mail bomb but because he did not put enough postage it was returned to him upon which he instantly opened the envelope and met his end. Who does not merit a Darwin worthy death is someone who shoots himself to show the gun was unloaded. Had he died as a consequence of the gun being loaded would have classified as an accident. However, a man who shoots himself with a gun to show that the gun was loaded is worthy.

As a matter of fact, every study has its limitations and this one does too. As men have a higher intake of alcohol it would shift the wacky results to their side. Plus, women may be nominating men more for the award so they win it.



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