Sugar may be more of a culprit in the triggering of hypertension than salt, Researchers say

It has been long known that sugar, carbohydrates are associated with triggering obesity which is strongly linked with diabetes mellitus and salt on the other hand with initiating conditions like hypertension or a high blood pressure.

Recent studies show links that sugar may be more of a culprit in the triggering of hypertension and ischemic heart diseases as compared to NaCl.

After using various means of extracting evidence in this regard St. Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute and Montifiore Medical Centre have concluded that fructose, a sugar present mostly in fruits may have a worse role than salt when it comes to heart health problems.

Obesity is defined as a disorder of energy balance. When energy derived from food becomes chronically more than the expenditure of the energy by the body resulting in the excess to be stored in the body as fat. Composition of the diet plays a vital role in the progression of the disease; two compounds would be sugar and salt. Obesity is also related to Diabetes Mellitus because an increase in bodily fat in excess will result in insulin resistance which would automatically increase the stress on the beta-cells of the pancreas.

Hypertension is basically the response of the heart muscle to added stress which results in the individual heart muscles to expand rather than divide. This results in an incapability of the heart to relax which is required to fill the compartments of heart and the thickened walls also become an obstacle in easy oxygen flow from blood vessels of the heart to the cells.

There is no dissent that both the compounds carry hazardous effects on health when consumed in excessive amounts the debate is which of the two to focus which would yield a higher positive conclusion.

Professors at various universities believe that both of the compounds should be targeted together at population levels. Targeting sugar and not salt may be a wasted effort.  It has also been known that lowering salt levels below a certain level may prove to be harmful to the body than beneficial.

In the previous days because emphasis has been put so much on salt being associated with heart diseases companies and manufacturers have already lowered salt content in added food. However, sugar levels in confectionaries and sweetened beverages still remain the major source of excessive sugar in the population.




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