Apple rolls out iOS 8.1.2 to fix issues, but faces challenges

Apple device users will get their early Christmas gifts as the technology giant has just released iOS 8.1.2 that comes with bug fixes which are not yet identified. The new update also promises to address the issue surrounding the removed ringtones bought from the iTunes Store.

The release of iOS 8.1.2 is Apple’s fifth update for iOS devices for the past two months. Apple had faced some problems with the release of some of its recent updates (especially the iOS 8.0.1 update) which raised eyebrows and at the same the ire of the netizens in the blogosphere.

The company has also faced some challenges with regards to its current update too.

The “Over The Air”(OTA) download for instance is comprised of numerous gigabytes of data information and it is daunting task for the users to download especially with very slow internet connection. The update also needs ample amount of free space to install and this compels users to delete some of their precious apps and data. The new update will require a mammoth 4.7GB and 6.9GB of free storage space, almost half of the storage space of those users with the entry-level 16 GB

The solution to this problem is to make an update via iTunes on a PC or Mac though majority of the users no longer connect iDevice to their computers.

The release of the iOS 8.0.1 update was a disaster for the new iPhone 6 Plus users few months ago and provided a chink in the armor of Apple in providing updates that are free from troubles and problems.

At least 67% of the iOS devices users are running at iOS 8.0 or above and the latest update requires a hefty 28.3 MB to download though OTA channel.


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