Sneak peak at new Star Fox Game for Wii, release date and more

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has announced that the new Star Fox Game for Wii will be rolled out ahead of the new Zelda Wii U.

The creator of the enigmatic Mario and other numerous well-loved video games, Miyamoto quipped during the E3 event that was held last June that the game is still one year shy from getting done.

However, the gaming console giant Nintendo hasn’t given the exact release date of Star Fox Game.

Few days ago Miyamoto along with a presentation (prerecorded) video has confirmed that the next year’s launching of the Star Fox Game.

Miyamoto added that the game will feature some never-been-seen-before controls.

In earlier previews will indicate that players maneuver the Arwing with the GamePad’s analogue sticks whilst aiming and firing at targets. The ship can also transform into a battle tank and ready to mix it up in land-based battleground.

The game comes with a new two-player vehicle mode. Employing motion controls, one player maneuvers a helicopter-looking craft, while the other half of the tandem handles a robot to collect precious items or dish out stinging attacks on enemies.


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