YotaPhone 2: Advantages and Disadvantages

There is a cliché that goes, “Two heads is better than one,” in YotaPhone 2 case it is, “Two displays is better than one.”

There is one of its kind smartphone available in the market, and it’s the dual-screen YotaPhone 2. This high-end mobile handset boasts of two screen panel displays – a LCD display at front and an e-ink display on the other side. And here’s one more thing, YotaPhone2 is the only smartphone with an e-ink display.

But why two displays instead of just one? The two displays have their own purposes. While the LCD display (just like the other phones) is used in all sorts of things, the e-display would also do the same, but it is more energy-efficient.

Since e-ink display depletes the battery power a little one can afford to have it turned on all of the time. With the e-ink display around, a user can afford to exhaust the battery power while watching movies, hearing music, playing games and the list goes on. The e-display can let a user hang on to the things he is busy with until he finds a power source for a recharge.

Another advantage of the YotaPhone 2 is that a user can afford to read anything from his phone even while at outdoors.

The e-ink display is the same technology that is employed in pricey smartwatches, but it hasn’t carved out a niche yet in the smartphones segment.

The caveat, a user will need to shell out a handsome amount of money to purchase it.

The YotaPhone 2 is currently released in Europe and Middle East and it is fetched at 555 Euros and roughly priced at $855 in the United States.  According to some expert in the industry, the price is more than enough to grab some value-for-money tech stuffs and with a change to boot.


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