Skype Business to replace Lync in 2015 :: Skype and Lync now in sync to provide seamless video chat and other features

Software giant Microsoft had just disclosed that Skype users can now make video call to their connections on Lync and vice versa.

The amalgam of Skype and Lync (Redmond’s video conferencing service for businesses) will imply that the customers will be linked with more of their contacts, colleagues, business partners and clients says Skype’s Elaine Ansell on her earlier blog post.

This development is part of Microsoft’s intention of replacing Lync with Skype. Microsoft had announced a month ago that the Lync Brand will fizzle out little by little until 2015 and will be eventually replaced by Skype for Business.

The Skype for Business will retain the Skype’s popular icons for placing calls, adding video and ending calls.

While Skype for Business will look more like the Skype itself, the Lync users will still enjoy the existing features of the Lync software.

Aside from video chatting, the users of both Skype and Lync can also send and receive messages and place audio calls between each other.

At this moment, Skype 7.0 will be rolled out today to provide more touch functionality features. The new update will allow users to scroll, browse and place calls on PCs that support touch screen.

Paying attention to the clamor of the users, the Skype update now comes with a compact view to allow users to see more contacts and chats on their screen. The update now also has a toggle feature which let users to display unread messages and also has what Microsoft calls as a “more balanced color scheme.”


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