Street Fighter 5 will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC

In one of the threads that have been posted by NeoGeof will reveal a sort of a short teaser from video game company Capcom. The video clip was shown online for a short time and revealed that the Street Fighter 5 will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC soon.

The video was quickly removed as if it is accidentally shown in advance and contain phrases such as rising up (probably has something to do with the upcoming 2014 Game awards) and “breaking through your ceiling.” The video also revealed a link (not yet live as of this moment) which is tipped as the landing page of the new game.

Street Fighter 5 made its debut in 1987 and became of one of the most popular video/arcade games of all-time. The game is also Capcom’s second-bestselling franchise and I had enjoyed the older version of the game many moons ago.

The word ‘exclusive,’ may entail various meanings in the video gaming niche and it remains to be seen whether or not the game will be available soon on Xbox platform.

The video game seems like it is shown way too soon or perhaps shown briefly to make the eagerly waiting fans to salivate more. The video appeared ahead of two upcoming events which will unwrap this weekend and are expected to be filled with exciting trailers, news, revelations and more.

The highly anticipated Game Awards 2014 will make its first ever appearance today, while the PlayStation 4 is slated to kickoff on Saturday.

The executive producer of Street Fighter 5 is now in Las Vegas and he is designated as one of the most important figures to grace the PlayStation Experience event


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