Fuel-efficient and sexy 2015 Chevrolet Colorado wields the upset axe, cops 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year

The midsize truck 2015 Chevrolet Colorado had wielded the upset on its rivals including the heavy favorite 2015 Ford F-150 en route to bagging the much-coveted 2015 Motor Trend Truck of the Year plum.

Beefed up with sweeping features and enhancements, the F-150 was tipped to win the award by many consumers and journalists. The F-150 flaunts a much-improved mileage and vaunted aluminum chassis and was picked to win by the vast majority. But Motor Trend editors and writers picked the midsize truck Colorado as the rightful winner.

F-150 had also missed the first runner-up honors, as the publication handed out the award to Ford Transit commercial van.

Aside from F-150, Colorado had also bested another Chevy’s top bet Silverado and Chrysler’s Ram 1500.

Motor Trend disclosed that the panel of judges was impressed by Colorado’s sexy design and its fuel-efficiency.

The king-size upset win of Colorado will certainly make its presence felt further on its niche and will surely give the midsize truck segment a great boost in the car industry.

The editor-in-chief of Motor Trend Ed Loh dubbed Colorado as a perfect fit for people who yearn for a value-for-money vehicle, as it is “a smart, capable, and refreshingly honest truck that makes a strong value and efficiency statement.”  Loh is also lavished on his words with the truck saying it has sexy looks and “there are almost no button blanks or other obvious signs of cost cutting, aside from the wide bezel on the tiny screen.”

The testing director of Motor Trend, Kim Reynolds said that the true blue truck  is simple and well-suited for his needs.

Motor Trend said that aside from providing a value-for-money vehicle, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is perfect for businessmen who are in need of dependable vehicle.

Motor Trend’s Scott Evans said that the vehicle is really good and it is a honest small truck. The truck  is reasonably priced and doesn’t appear as cheap.Evans added that it is a big hit among people who are engaged in small businesses.


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