NASA’s spacecraft to take Humans to Mars

NASA is off to planet red on Thursday this time. This will be a test flight by a space capsule with hardware enough to carry future manned missions to Mars. The basic purpose of the test flight that will reach the farthest yet from earth in to the space is to excite and energize everybody with intrigue for deep space exploration and interest in wonders of engineering.

The program is called Orion and it will be a test flight with unmanned space capsule flying off to achieve the target of 3600 miles in to the space. Although it will not be carrying humans it is designed to do so. This is next in line after the last human invasion of the outer space in 1972 by the Apollo 17, the final moon landing.

The message is heard loud and clear, National Aeronautics and Space Administration is displaying the hardware that is necessary for taking flights to Mars. This test flight is going to be the biggest, much awaited flight after a long period of absolute silence with respect to manning other planets. Although, the chances of shooting astronauts out with the capsule to Mars are not in the most immediate plans of NASA, program Orion is going to be a huge leap in the direction.

Orion is designed to return to earth and land in to the pacific by means of parachutes and will then be collected. As it is the farthest yet capsule, the distance will help test it for protection against high temperature that its speed of approximately 20,000mph will generate while it returns to earth. It is programmed to take two rounds around earth and then return duration lasting a time period of 267 minutes.

The unmanned test mission is also going to be tested on other parameters to evaluate the safety of the craft for manned missions. Manned missions are not expected before thirty years to come but this will be the beginning and a showoff of hardware by NASA, hardware to make manning Mars a possibility in near future. Orion will be a completely computer based program with no human commands.



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