Mozilla eager to have Firefox included in iOS devices

Mozilla is against an iOS version of its Firefox browser for a short time. The search engine giant yearns for employing its own web engine, but the Cupertino-based Apple only allow companies to utilize its internal code for the sake of security.

But Mozilla has just made 360 degrees turn as VP Jonathan Nightingale has just disclosed that Mozilla would like its Firefox be part of Apple’s iOS. Nightingale didn’t divulged the details of how this thing would materialize, but there’s a great chance that Mozilla will employ Apple’s engine and come up with a custom interface just like what Google had carried out with Chrome.

The Mozilla’s sudden reversal is not surprising since Firefox Home has been hobbled by problems. On the other end, Mozilla’s stiffest competition Chrome already boasts of sync support with different mobile operating systems. A port will be used to place Firefox bookmarks and passwords on iOS devices, so there will be no more need of switching browsers.

If ever Firefox will carve out a niche in the iOS platform, users now have more options of selecting which browsers are well-suited to them.


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