Nintendo tipped to make its older-generation games available in smartphones, tablets and phablets

There are speculations circulating among the netizens in the blogosphere that gaming giant Nintendo will come up with a new patent that will bring its classic games on different devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets.

If this rumor will come true this will mark the first time that the games that were enjoyed many moons ago will be played in mobile devices and even in-flight entertainment systems on airlines. Nintendo had already emulated some of its older games with modern settings into its gaming consoles. The Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U gaming consoles will come with the downloadable versions of classic Nintendo titles that are available for sale to its users.

To make this endeavor possible the gaming console company will pounce on emulation which is something to do with a programming technique that will let a computer or video game console to imitate the original video game console and eventually allow players to enjoy playing vintage games that were most likely played and enjoyed by the young at heart ones and even your parents.

There are plenty of third-party emulation software programs that are thriving online for personal computer and Android devices for the past several years, but Apple has the policy of not allowing a third party emulation on its hardware owing to copyright infringement issues. This makes it very difficult to find iOS-compatible emulators these days. But Nintendo’s wise move of coming up with an official emulator app would probably persuade Apple to allow Nintendo’s emulator apps on its smartphones and tablets.

The illegal emulation of Nintendo’s games has been rampant for the past many years, and it is high time for the company to take advantage of its own games.

At this moment it is so difficult to look for older Nintendo consoles that strutted their wares in the 80s and 90’s and this is the reason why many players opted for illegal emulators. But this is about to change as Nintendo will finally come up with its very own emulator and will most likely charge small fee in exchange for getting the opportunity to play vintage games like Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Donkey Kong and among others that brought immense joy and excitement to its players few decades ago.


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