Worst Ebola outbreak affects over 16,000 people and already killed nearly 7,000

The dreaded Ebola outbreak which started in West Africa is now wreaking havoc on three Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The number of deaths and case tolls released by World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) are very disturbing. The number of people who had been affected by the deadly virus already swelled to 16,000 and according to UN, almost 7,000 individuals already succumbed to the disease.

The latest death toll will indicate that the number of deaths has increased by more than 1,000 since two days ago and most of those who perished were registered in Liberia. The death toll is also consists of deaths that were just recorded late.

The information coming from the affected countries has been vague and comes in little by little, and this gives rise to a sharp increase in mortality rate and case toll when the death and case tolls are updated.

There is also an active outbreak in Mali now and the country has started registering infections. The cause of the outbreak is traced to the migration of affected individuals from its neighbor Guinea. The Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and Senegal is already contained. WHO said Mali has recorded four cases and three deaths.

The number of deaths and people affected with the disease had outnumbered all of the other earlier Ebola outbreaks.

Although the rate of Ebola infection in Liberia is slowing down, the country has so far registered the highest number of cases and deaths. Guinea has the fastest rate of infection.

Martin Salia a surgeon from Sierra Leone who resides in the United States also succumbed to the dreaded disease.

Americans Rick Sacra, MD, and Ashoka Mukpo both acquired the disease but had recovered after receiving treatments in an isolation unit in Omaha.

The disease is now the considered the most fearsome and deadliest since it has a case fatality rate of 71%.


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