The rumored iPad Air Plus features, release date and more

The iPhone 6 has its own counterpart which is the iPhone 6 Plus, soon the iPad Air will never get lonely as well, as it is tipped to have its own companion too, that is, the iPad Air Plus. Mac Fan has disclosed thorough information about the rumored 12.2 inches iPad Air Plus from its innards to its features to its release date.

The Japanese-based website Mac Fan has discovered the leaked blueprint of the Air Plus which entails that the tablet has a dimension of 305.31 x 220.8 x 7 mm and will be beefed up with a cutting edge A9 processor. The website added that the Air Plus is equipped with speakers to come up with crisp stereo sound and it will go on sale in the second quarter of next year.

So also, another Japanese-based website Macotakara has also disclosed details about the Air Plus which jives well with the report whipped up by Mac Fan. Makotara also stated that the rumored tablet will have a 12.2 inches panel screen display with speakers and microphones around its edges. Makotara named the tablet as “iPad Pro”or “iPad Plus,” and added that the tablet will be as thin (6.9mm up to 7.1mm) as the flagship iPhones.

AppleInsider avers that Mac Fan had been accurate with their reports about the details of Apple products before.

Mac Fan also stated that the iPad mini 4 will also feature A8X processor and will come up with a slimmer appearance. The website also added that once iPad mini 4 will be unveiled, Apple Inc. will put an end to the production of iPad mini and iPad mini 3.


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