Nintendo’s Smash Bros. the current best-selling Wii U game in U.S.

The nonstop mano y mano Wii U game of Nintendo appears proves to be blockbuster in the United States.The Smash Bros which made its debut last November 21 is currently the fastest-selling game in the U.S since the game console was rolled out two years. Nintendo said that the digital and physical copies of the game that were sold from the product release date to November already breached the 490,000 and nearing the half-million mark.

Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing quipped that the company is has an awesome start, but still has a lot of work that are left to do and still has some surprises for their fans.

The melee game flaunts a star-studded lineup which includes the enigmatic Mario, feisty Pac-Man, fast and furious Sonic and versatile Mega Man.

The game calls for players to engage in a battle that may have as many as seven combatants battling it out with each other at the same time.

Nintendo pins its hope on its latest offering and it is crossing its fingers that Smash Bros will give the Wii U the shot in the arm it needs. As of September 30 the gaming console already sold 7.29 million worldwide at the end of the third quarter of this year which lags behind pacesetters Sony’s PlayStation 4 which had 13.5 million units shipped and Microsoft’s Xbox One checking in second with 10 million sold units.

There are also new fangled games that gave Nintendo the much-needed boost it needed from June to present which is the Mario Kart 8. The release of the Mario Kart 8 give rise to sales that is twice better than the same period last year.
The new Super Smach Bros now boasts of 12 characters and beefed with new engaging and exciting characters. The figure is expected to swell up to 17 between December and February next year.


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