Google discloses top 10 trending toys for girls and boys this holiday season

As the holiday season is drawing near, an assortment of sales will be sprouting out like mushrooms here, there and everywhere.  The shoppers are expected to have a good start as retailers are busy making preparations for Black Friday.

According to the data rolled out by e-commerce analytic platform Custora the online revenues had posted 15.5% increase this year.

The study whipped up by Custora reveals that 42% of the shoppers seek ideas on what products are making dent in search engines this year.

Google gathered information from its Google Shopping service to get a feel of what toys are tabbed the most by the online buyers. The endeavor found out that old-fashioned toys that were well-liked many moons ago are making a strong return at the top of the sale charts. Search engine searches for the “Ouija boards” increased by 300% since last month. The popularity of the game could have propped up with the recent release of the film Ouija which helped introduce the game to the new generation of kids.

The top 10 toys for kids that are tipped to perform well in December if the trends on the Google search engine data will not lose steam :  American Girl, My Little Pony, Paw Patrol, Lego Friends, Ouija Board, Peppa Pig, Shopkins, Nerf Guns9, Barbie Dream House and Zoomer DinoGoogle.

Some of the toy brands are already household names such as My Little Pony, Barbie and Lego, while new toys are slowly making their presence felt in the online market like the Shopkins.

Google also gathered data on what gifts are trending for the young at heart ones, and discovered that searches for a wearable device such as the Fitbit fitness tracking tool posted a substantial increase. Gaming consoles and tablets are also cinched to perform well next month.

Online searches that are related to the winter season like the Canada Goose jackets and Hunter boots also registered 140% and 46% month-to-month increase respectively.


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