Pacquiao admitted that he took pity on Algieri

Boxing icon Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines disclosed that he felt pity on the taller Chris Algieri on their world welterweight championship bout at the Cotal Arena in Macau.

The left-handed Pacquiao who is considered a huge hero in his native country quipped, “I felt a bit sorry for him,” before taking a flight back home.

Algieri was simply outclassed by his opponent all throughout the match as he absorbed six stinging knockouts.  Pacquio won by an unassailable margin on all of the judges’ score sheets.

It is evident that Algieri don’t want to lose the fight via a stoppage and possibly would like the fight to go the distance.

Pacquiao watched the fight for few hours and said that Algieri is still lacking in fighting experience though he hacked out a riveting upset win over Ruslan Provodnikov.

Pacquiao also added, that there are few occasions where Algieri exhibited raw moves a sign that the American hasn’t been to many tough bouts before.

There are times where Pacquiao faked his punches but Algieri is quick to cover up, moves that a veteran will not do in the ring.

Algieri was decked in as early as second round, two times in the 6th and 9th and once in the 10th. The knockdown in the 9th could have been the most vicious as Algieri absorbed a wicked left to his cheek but still managed to pick himself up.

Pacquiao stated that he could have won the fight via a knockout if Algieri engaged him in a toe-to-toe battle in the waning rounds. Pacquiao is gunning for a stoppage to make his fans happy.

Pacquiao said that “I gave him many chances to make his move but he just didn’t take it.”

If ever Algieri bites the bait, Pacquiao could have delivered the coup d grace.


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