Pebble rolls out new firmware with notification feature for Android and iOS smartphones

Great news for users with Nexus, Galaxy and devices that runs the Android mobile operating system as a new notification feature has just been released by Pebble.

Back then Pebble is only able to display inadequate alerts in Android devices such but this is a thing of the past now with the rolling out of the new fangled Pebble firmware version 3.8.

For now the firmware works only well with phones that run the Android 4.3 or better versions.

With regards to handsets that run the iOS, Pebble has just made a team up with iPhone Notifications, to allow the iPhone owners to get all the notifications and at the same time fine tune their watch on what to display, without modifying the basic alerts of the handset itself.

Keep in mind that the new firmware’s other features are not only confined to Android handsets as it also available in iOS phones as well. Users can now deactivate the option “Smartwatch Proximity,” the energy-efficient Bluetooth feature that allows both watch and phone sense each other when they are close at each other.

The new Android app is a work in progress as it may need some more of fine tuning.

To access the feature, simply select the Under Notifications > All Apps, choose receiving all incoming notifications or pick only which notifications you want to show up. Pebble has also made a vow that the notification feature will also be available in Android lower versions in the coming days.

Aside from receiving alerts, the app is capable of letting users end ongoing calls with their wrist-worn device and Pebble has just overhauled its Android app to come up with a faster and more reliable performance.

The caveat, only 10% of the current Android Pebble users will get the update, but the company had stated that more users will get their hands n the firmware in the coming days.

The new fangled firmware for both Android and iOS smartphones support 80 languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese and the list goes on.


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