Microsoft surrounds itself with robotic K5 security guards

Living up to its billing as a technology innovator, did you know that Microsoft is now beefed up with robotic security guards to keep its compound safe and sound?

Scores of 1.5-m and 136-kg robotic sentinels have been gallantly making rounds in the technology giant’s grounds in California, Silicon Valley. Yes you heard it right, robotic security guards are taking over mundane tasks from their human counterparts.

These next-generation automatons are like no other and definitely not pushovers since they are loaded with sweeping features.

They are always on-the-go, tireless and beefed up with lasers, cameras and an assortment of sensors to track and detect not usual happenings such as explosive devices or victims of man-made or natural calamities.

Also called K5, these bullet-shaped robots are capable of doing security guards’ tasks of moving from one place to another, relentlessly assessing their locations with their hi-def snappers and series of sensory devices.

They can scan and read license plates of vehicles and weigh against it with database and sense and transmit unusual events to a supervisor.

Unlike their human counterparts, these sentries are not loaded with any weapons, not even a kitchen knife, but are specially built to evaluate situations, detect explosive materials, sound an alarm when necessary and ask for human support when needed.

The robotic guard decks in a 24-hr battery and just before the battery got exhausted it will come back to a station and receive a single recharge that will last up to 20 minutes.

The K5’s manufacturer Knightscope said that the robotic guards will preside over repetitive and back-breaking tasks, while the human security guards will handle other intricate tasks.

Microsoft has just raised the bar a notch higher and the company showcased the kind of technology we have now.


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