Yahoo replaces Google as the new default search engine of Mozilla Firefox

After one decade of strong team up, Mozilla is finally parting ways with its longtime partner Google as its default search engine and opted to tie up with Yahoo. The breakup rocked the blogosphere and netizens as speculations here, there and everywhere sprouted out like mushrooms. The companies announced the breakup last November 19


Many think that Google and Mozilla had turned into stiff rivals, as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox are ranked inside the top three browsers in the world, while others think that Yahoo could’ve have offered something that Firefox finds irresistible.

The Firefox browser which commands 10% of the market is currently ranked third behind Google and Microsoft’s Bing which reinforces Yahoo searches.


This development is of essence to the Firefox users who have a whopping combined searches of around 100 million says Mozilla.


Mozilla is actually a non-profit organization is dependent on the generated revenues from search companies. Google’s 3-yr contract with Mozilla will expire next month with Mozilla and it reportedly worth $1 billion.

The worth of the new 5-year deal between Mozilla and Yahoo is not yet unraveled,


According to its recent disclosed financial from 2012 Mozilla had piled up a combined 311 million revenue stream, and about 67 to 75% came from its partnership with Google.

The new team up is essential on the part of Yahoo as CEO Marissa Mayer said that the company would concentrate further on search. The team up is it “a key growth area for us,” Mayer added. The tie up with Mozilla will serve as a springboard to restructured Yahoo pages.


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