Good news Twitter users, you can now share Tweets in private

Micro-blogging behemoth Twitter comes up with added features on its already very useful direct message (DM) like allowing users to share their tweets privately.  New added features had also been unveiled on Twitter’s Analyst’s Day event which was staged earlier this month.

This private messaging option can be accessed via TweetDeck app and the desktop version. Simply hover over “…More” icon and a “Share via Direct Message” option will appear. The Android and iOS versions of the app, the (DM) feature will appear by a long-press at a tweet.

The receiver of a tweet that has been shared will receive a notification. The shared tweet will also become visible in the direct message.

This feature is not heavily requested by the users, but this is of essence for those who would like to have their tweets confidential and kept from the prying eyes of other people.

It is now becoming a common trend in the mobile communications niche that companies and services that are linked with the internet should come up with additional features to convey message secretly. This is evident with the Twitter’s direct messaging feature which also boasts of more uses.

Aside from sharing tweets privately, the feature already covered sharing of links and images. Moreover, Twitter already had whipped up minor updates for the DM feature like the “recents” list and new icons. On the other end, new features were uploading and editing longer videos, and addition of the new timeline.

Twitter quipped about the new tweet sharing alternative in its DM feature on a blog post, “Twitter is already a great place for public conversation; now it’s also easier to privately discuss things you care about.”

The social media giant Twitter flaunts over 280 million monthly active users, whilst about half billion users visit the site every month.


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