Samsung rolls out Milk Video app to access and share videos with ease

Samsung has released an app which is designed to search for viral videos very fast and with pinpoint precision. The electronic giant company dubs it as Milk Streaming app.


The video discovery service provider app can help users find videos with relative ease and share them with their connections.


According to the press release whipped up by Samsung, the new app is tipped to set the trend in the coming days and it is capable of extracting videos from various sources such as Red, Condé Nast, Bull, Funny Or Die, Vevo and VICE and the list goes on.

The would-be users will certainly love this app since they can customized their searches and at the same time the app is capable of providing using recommendations on what to watch, who they would follow, and who they would like or report.


The app endeavors to come up with well-chosen and useful content that caters to the users’ needs.


Here’s more, the users can also share what they are viewing through Twitter and Facebook and are allowed to follow and see the new contents that their favorite users, groups and product brands will constantly post.


However, there are caveats, as Samsung Milk Video can only be accessed free by Galaxy device owners that are residing in the United States. Moreover, It is restricted to Samsung handset devices such as the Galaxy S3 and higher, the Galaxy S III mini and higher, the Note 3 and higher, and the Galaxy Mega.


The versatile app can be downloaded the Play Store and it is speculated that it will be available in other Samsung devices in the coming months.


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